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Custom Orders

Custom Apparel and Alterations

Thanks to an impressively generous amount of requests from Fabulous Fashionistas, otherwise known as Bella customers, Bella Artistry has made an earth-shattering improvement: we've added "The Alteration Department."

Many girls like to don authentic jerseys, yet still resemble a "Dawn," not a "Don."  So now at Bella, we've added a department that has capabilities to tailor each authentic (ridiculously large) jersey to perfectly and marvelously fit each girl -- like a dream.   Our tailoring department can add exclusive features such as corseting, drawstring waists, rouching, or even fashion a tunic or dress style from a men's size large. We've even cut down an enormously oversized men's large into an enchanting little girls' size 4T. Anything is possible at Bella - within reason :-). We can also now enhance each jersey with design elements and embellishments such as lace, trims of all kinds, cap sleeves, ruffled sleeves, puff sleeves or boat necks.  If you can dream it ...Bella can fashion it!

List of design elements:

* Alterations in any form
* Cap sleeve
* Ruffle sleeve
* Logo replacement
* Drawstring waist with ribbon
* Corseting of sides
* Rhinestone or plain grommets for corseting
* Tunic/Dress style
* Boat neck
* Ruffle neck
* Lace
* Trims of all kinds
* Addition of Words or Phrases
* Choice of clear or colored Swarovski Rhinestone crystals
* Fully Loaded (meaning the numbers on the jersey are completely filled in with rhinestones)
* Outline studding (meaning the numbers on the jersey are only outlined with rhinestones)
* Double outline studding (you guessed it, 2 rows of rhinestones)
* Polka dot studding
* Name studding (name is studded directly on the letters of the name)
* Name box studding (box around name is studded)
* Anything else gorgeously-girly you can think up -within reason :-)

Start Customizing

So, you ask, "How do I go about getting a fabulous make-over for my jersey?"

1.  You can start by e-mailing me, or calling to chat about specific design elements you would like to incorporate into your ridiculously-oversized, run-of-the-mill jersey. At this time, we will give you an approximate price or price range for your requested changes to a specific jersey, but only when we finish and compute the number of stones that were actually used, will we be able to give you an exact price. Remember: each marvelous jersey, stunning tank, spectacular tee, splendid sweat-suit, awe-inspiring hat, or anything else you think up to stud, is one-of-a kind, a specific size and unique to you.

2.  Then you send off your blah and lackluster jersey to me, along with the size you would like it cut down to. For example: the jersey is a size 52 and you would like it to be a size 2/4 or 10/12, etc. Once your package arrives at my door and I have your items in hand, I will call you again and go over it one more time.

3.  When work commences on your items, your credit card will be charged a pre-determined and pre-discussed deposit amount. (This amount will be proportional to the work that will need to be done on your order to make it utterly extraordinary).

4.  The turn-around time varies per order. I usually tell all Fabulous Fashionistas (aka Bella Customers) to allow two weeks or less. If you have a very important event or just can't wait the standard two weeks because you're dying of anticipation, let us know and Bella will do what it can to meet your deadline. We have been known to beautify jerseys in a day and have them over-nighted for an extra charge of $50, plus overnight shipping costs.

5.  Once your order is completely fabulous and ready to ship, your credit card will be billed the balance.

6.  When your order arrives, you can call Bella in astonishment, with many thanks. :-)

Tees, Tanks and Hats

You can choose to purchase these items in their ordinary and unadorned state yourself and ship them to Bella, or you can have Bella purchase them for you.


Bella recommends that you purchase your own jeans and send them to us. We all know how grueling it is to find jeans with a flawless fit. You know the ones: they eliminate the unattractive, puffy-muffin top, yet still manage to keep your derriere under wraps when you bend over. (I can't even find jeans that fit me the way I like, so I probably couldn't find jeans that fit you!) But if you want to beautify jeans for your super-model baby or that little Fashionista in your life, Bella can get those without much chance of a poor fit.

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