Camoflauge-Green, GLAMical face mask

Camoflauge-Green, GLAMical face mask


LEAD TIME: 1-2 WEEKS depending upon fabric availability
(please know that we are sewing as fast as we can trying to make everyone GLAM and GERM-FREE)


Available sizes: Adult/Youth

*you can select your size at checkout


GLAMical custom face mask - reversible


Design (front): Camouflauge Green
*you can select your fabric at checkout:
- Satin Camo Green
- Satin Woodland Camo
- Woodland Camo
- Satin Dark Green Camo


Design (back): Solid Colors shown or RANDOM color we have in stock
*Please specify your choice of color in Notes at checkout or a Random color will be used.
reason:  this is because I have a lot of smaller fabric pieces and remnants in my studio