SESAME STREET Cookie Monster, GLAMical face mask

SESAME STREET Cookie Monster, GLAMical face mask




Available sizes: Adult/Youth

*you can select your size at checkout


GLAMical custom face mask

Design (front): SESAME STREET

Character: Cookie Monster

Design (back): Solid Black Color or RANDOM color we have in stock to match front color
**Please specify your preference in NOTES section at checkout**

reason:  this is because I have a lot of smaller fabric pieces and remnants in my studio. This also helps me keep making masks, as materials are becoming harder and harder to find right now.


* Made in USA

* Comfortable fit

* High quality fabric and stitching

* Adjustable ear strap - perfect fit


Reusable, washable, and reversible (if not embellished with a removable patch or crystal)


We custom make our GLAMical custom face masks/scrub caps with care and attention to detail. Some designs are limited editions.


Please email us if you would like your own custom design, specific colors, with patches and embellished with or without crystal.


IMPORTANT Our GLAMical face masks are NOT medical masks, and they are not FDA approved. However, they do include Filti Face Mask Material.


FILTI Face Mask Material is engineered using patent-pending Nanofiber technology and is highly-efficient (up to 95%) on sub-micron particles, including bacteria and viruses.