Wedding, Bride, Pink Lace, Pearls, GLAMical face mask

Wedding, Bride, Pink Lace, Pearls, GLAMical face mask



Available size: Adult 


GLAMical custom face mask 

Design (front): Wedding - Bride

Pink lace fabric

embellished with swarovski crystals, beads & dangle white pearls


Design (back) Solid Pink Satin fabric


**we also make Tuxedo style GLAMical face mask for the Groom, & a Flower Girl style.. (see listings)


* Made in USA
* Inner Pocket for removable carbon filter
* 2 ply
* Comfortable fit
* High quality fabric and stitching
* Soft satin like interior 

* Adjustable ear strap - perfect fit


Reusable, washable, and reversible (if not embellished with a removable patch or crystal)


We custom make our GLAMical custom face masks/scrub caps with care and attention to detail. Some designs are limited editions.


Please email us if you would like your own custom design, specific colors, with patches and embellished with or without crystal.


Our GLAMical face masks are NOT medical masks, and they are not FDA approved. However, they do include an inner pocket for a carbon filter which is included. (WHILE SUPPLIES LAST)