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Bella Artistry is the brainchild of Leah Miller. At the time of creation, Leah was a frustrated shopper, mother and a professional athlete's wife. "There was really nothing truly unique for wives, kids, girlfriends, mothers or friends of Pro athletes to wear in support of their husbands'/fathers'/boyfriends'/sons' teams," adds Miller.

Meet the "Diamond Duchess"


"So, I considered my own dilemma, and thought to myself, 'There's no reason to just wish and wait for a designer to create a line of hip and un-corny clothes to wear in support of my husband and his team, when I can make my own over-the-top, other-girl-envying, rhinestone-blinging apparel. 'So I began beautifying the clothing and shoes my daughter and I would wear to games (or anywhere else we went). One thing led to another, and eventually, I was embellishing anything and everything I could get my hands on: clothes, jerseys, door knobs, shoes, belts, furniture, cake plates, candles, pill boxes, frames, scrapbooks, pacifiers, hats, you name it. I was truly out of control! But the sparkle from all that Swarovski must have spotlighted my work, because other hipster kids and fashionista moms, tired of run-of-the-mill sports apparel worn by every Tom, Dick and Mary, followed the light -- and my business was born.”


In 1995 when Leah Miller began painting custom wall murals commissioned by wealthy clients, little did she know that her brand, Bella Artistry, would become the unique, international customization house it is today.  Miller, aka the Diamond Duchess, is the creator of exclusive wearable and functional curiosities and home decor, much of which is hand-studded with authentic Swarovski crystals -- a signature of the bling queen’s brand.  Over the past 23 years, Bella Artistry has evolved into a custom couturier and personal outfitter to NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and European football families, Nascar winners, high profile entertainers and Billboard chart-topping megastars.  Bella also creates unique and extraordinary luxury goods and furniture that just simply can’t be quantified. Bella Artistry Studios has been joined by the first ever Bella Boutique when Miller opened her brick and mortar standalone store in Clarkston, MI.

  • Apparel Jewelry & accessories

  • Wall décor

  • Furniture and Housewares

  • Wedding shoes & other curiosities

  • Or set an appointment to create your own design or bring in items for alteration services.

There she will sells her bespoke luxury goods and furniture as well as custom designed clothing and accessories to the local community, including:

Because Leah made her name as a personal designer using sparkling Swarovski crystals for custom outfits to MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL families with the launch of Bella Artistry, she is known affectionately throughout professional sports industries as "The Diamond Duchess." She has been custom tailoring and embellishing official jerseys and wardrobes of ball-players' significant others and children with Swarovski crystals since 1999. In 2008, her website, was launched.

Well known as the official trailblazer of the jersey-studding trend in the Pro Sports arena, every high-maintenance player's wife or girlfriend knows the Diamond Duchess will make her a star.


Copycats with low-end replicas have come and gone, but no one has ever come close to matching the custom, hand-made workmanship or innovation of the always over-the-top designs she creates every single day. Not only does she add crystals to the jerseys, but she redesigns them, cutting them to fit the bodies of those who own them. They are transformed into dresses, tunics or jackets, which advertise their daddies, husbands or boyfriends. And not only do they sparkle with crystals, but are trimmed with imported lace, leather, chinchilla -- you fill in the blanks; only the sky is the limit. Because of Leah's artistic integrity and aesthetic eye, the quality of her hand-made pieces is unparalleled in the industry, and she has the clientele to prove it. 

Bella Artistry’s client list includes everyone from famous athletes, to professional sports team owners, celebrity clientele and corporate leaders, to the sheiks of Oman — and its work has been showcased by People Magazine, TMZ, Martha Stewart, Bring It, CBS New York, Daily Mail, USA Today, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, Bring It on Lifetime and the Official Bring it Live Tour, Real Housewives of Atlanta, Washington Post, The Knot, Apple News, ABC National, the NE Patriots Hall of Fame, the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and many more.

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Leah Miller Interviewed by Shelly Kovach


Leah started Bella Artistry by herself in a 4'x7' spare closet. And by the hand of God, and a lot of hard work, Bella Artistry Studios and Boutique now operate out of a 5000+ sq. ft state-of-the-art facility with more than 20 full and part time employees.  She is a living testimony of what God will do if you put Him first in all things and trust His plan and purpose for your life.  

Leah is a wife and the mother of four children ranging in age of college student to toddler. A true artist, she earned a BA in Studio Arts with a triple minor in Fine Arts, Meteorology and Geology from the University of Pittsburgh.

Leah's husband, Jim Miller, a former NFL quarterback for 13 years, is now a sportscaster and radio personality for Sirius NFL Radio. He is also a sports analyst for the Chicago Bears featured on their official Pre and Post Game Live shows On Fox Chicago, is Color Commentator for Chicago Bears Preseason Football TV Broadcasts, as well as a Big Ten Network TV Commentator and Game Color Analyst. In addition to broadcasting he owns TKO Custom Homes in Clarkston, MI. 

Leah Miller

(AKA "The Diamond Duchess")

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